About This Steve

That’s Right…I Know Nothing

But I can talk as if I do. 

Hi. I’m Steve Ringham and welcome to my blog. I have several other live websites for specific activities and business, so this is my personal one. 

“Why do you want a personal blog, if you have other websites?”

A valid question.

I want an outlet for my inner monologues and things I do that might be of interest to the world. It will also be a space where I can explore ideas and concepts that trouble me and hopefully garner some feedback from you lovely people. Feedback that might help me come to some sort of closure. Or at the very least, a more informed position.

In other words, a catch-all for the stuff I think and do that doesn’t fit elsewhere!

“You just mentioned things you do. Like what?”

Lots of stuff. As is often pointed out to me by friends, family, probably too much. But for starters…

Music: I play bass guitar in a non-gigging (at present) band. I mess about with music production in a small home studio. I collect new and second-hand vinyl records. I go to gigs and the occasional festival. I do my best to support local musicians and my local music scene (such as it is). In the past I’ve also been a club DJ and roadie. And I’ve write songs too – well one so far, but I’ve got a whole album’s worth in my head.

Current Affairs: My personal politics have changed significantly in the last 10 years, and I like to keep as informed as I have time for. A personal bugbear of mine is people who say they “don’t do politics”. My feeling on this is that you probably do without realising it. Perhaps not big Westminster politics, but at a local level you  probably do. Because these days, its no longer a simple case of left vs right. 

DIY and general tinkering: My wife dreads the words “I can make that”. Because it normally results in a pile of materials in the shed or garden that don’t get used for their intended purpose, lie around for a couple of years and then get re-purposed for something else. But on occasion, I do what I say and I am pretty capable when I set my mind to it. So expect a few posts on this subject. Probably split equally between “this is how you do this” and “this is not how you do this”!

Football: I was never much of a player at school. Couldn’t even make the D side when we had one. All effort but no technique.  And for my sins in a previous life, I’ve been a QPR supporter since the age of 10. So definitely not your definition of a glory-hunter. I guess I get to anywhere between 5 and 20 games a season. My daughter (age 7) is now also a member and comes with me occasionally. Does that count as child abuse? Hmm, I’ll save that discussion for a post I think.

Food: Don’t we all?

IT & Technology: I’ve been an IT Consultant for the last 20 years, and working in the Broadcast sector for the last 7 years. And as a consequence, I constantly get asked to fixed everyone’s computers. Yawnnn. But I will be posting about useful home-computing and general tech stuff. We’re on the cusp of some really exciting changes in the home as we see Voice-activation becoming genuinely useful and Artificial Intelligence (AI) finally gaining widespread adoption. 

Philosophy: OK, that sounds a bit grandiose, but I do ponder life’s bigger questions. And maybe we can ponder them together?

Films and TV: Yep, I guess I’m not in a minority on this one, but I’ve worked at the UK’s 2 biggest broadcasters in recent years, my dad used to work at the film studios back in the 60’s, and I dabble in film-making. So not just watching…

Photography: A serious amateur who gets paid occasionally. I have the obligatory photography website, so pretty much all the images on this site will be my own. You might find the occasional photo-related article on this blog, but I keep 99% of them over there.

Personal well-being and mental health: I’m a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a part-time practice. Like the photography, most of these posts will stay over there.

“So where do you stand on Nuclear Deterrent, No-Platforming and QPR’s current form?”

Hold on, hold on. Don’t be jumping the gun there. If you have any topics or ideas you’d like my opinion on, or engage with me otherwise, send me an email. I’ll write back I promise!

“What else do we need to know about you?”

Thanks for asking. I’m a white, English, married, middle-aged parent in a mixed-race middle income family living . In this day and age, I realise that puts me in a certain demographic that comes with a degree of privilege, responsibility and baggage. Both personal and inherited.

I start more than I finish.  I went to a catholic boys grammar school, but I never got touched up by a priest. My sense of humour can be sometimes dark and occasionally inappropriate. I pride myself on correct use of the English language, but I’m not Grammar Nazi. 

And did I mention I support QPR?